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Kayaking the 7 Local Caverns of San Diego

February 27, 2018 by Travel Makers


Love adventure? Love kayaking? Then taking a trip to La Jolla, San Diego for some exceptional cavern kayaking is a must! The long shoreline and tall sea cliffs are just part of the allure of La Jolla, where the weather is always warm and the people are always welcoming. There’s a total of seven caverns to explore during the guided cave tours in gorgeous La Jolla, a place famous for its Ecological Reserve that offers visitors a fun and educational encounter with local marine life.

7 Local Caverns

Kayaking through La Jolla Sea Caverns is available only using a professional tour guide. Certified tour guides will take you on this super fun kayaking tour of La Jolla’s 7 sea caverns, which means you also get to learn about the local marine life while you paddle your kayak through the caverns. The microhabitats found here are quite unique, making this kayaking adventure one that simply is quite like no other.

Whether you’ve kayaked before or not quite sure what a kayak even looks like, you’re sure to enjoy this fun and exciting kayaking adventure!

  1. Clam Cavern. Clam cavern is a calmer cave that has lots of entrances, making this westernmost cave quite popular for kayakers as well as snorkelers.


  1. Sunny Jim’s. This local cavern is the most utilized and thus the most famous, which is mainly due to the fact that it offers visitors access via land and sea. The land access requires visitors to walk down 138 steps in order to access the cave.


  1. Arch Cavern. Available for kayaking only during the summer months, the Arch Cavern is a shallow water cavern that gets its name due to the shape of the rock formation in front of the cavern.


  1. Shopping Cart Cavern. The west facing Shopping Cart Cavern is often recognized for its ability to attract lobsters. Local restaurants used to be able to set traps inside the area to sell as a local delicacy, but now must set traps outside the area due to its new predominance as an ecological reserve area.


  1. White Lady Cavern. This cavern is named in memory of a bride who was lost at sea when a tide came in and swept her away, never to be found again.


  1. Little Sister Cavern. Located next to the White Lady Cavern, the Little Sister Cavern is the smallest cavern. Because this small cavern can be difficult to find those new to kayaking will benefit from having an experienced guide by their side.


  1. Rose Canyon Fault Line Cavern. Located just east of the White Lady Cavern, visitors are able to visit the Rose Canyon Fault Line Cavern and see an exposed fault line close up, which travels all the way through to downtown San Diego.

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The Wine Regions of Portugal

83650857 - point of view shot from historic train in douro region, portugal. features a wide view of terraced vineyards in douro valley, alto douro wine region in northern portugal, officially designated by unesco as world heritage site.

Wine lovers often choose to travel to various wine regions around the world so they can experience some of the best wineries the world has to offer. The wine regions of Portuguese are a top wine destination spot as this area offers a number of unique wines, making visiting this particular wine region a true wine lovers dream!

The Wine Regions of Portugal

Want to visit some of the best wine regions in Portugal? Great! The Portugal wine country is able to offer visitors some of the most flavorful wines found in all the world, which is due to the many different types of grapes grown in Portugal. The fact that there are many grapes that are native to the Portugal area means that wine lovers will get to experience a variety of new wines that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Nice!

Now that you’re ready to explore some of the most beautiful wine regions in all the world, check out some of the following more popular wine regions of Portugal, of which all are able to offer visitors a truly exceptional wine experience. Be sure to sign up for the wine tours!

Douro Valley Wine Region: Located in northern Portugal, the Douro Valley Wine Region is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, making this a must-see for wine lovers.

Dao Wine Region: Mountains on all sides protect this wine region from the cold rains that fall on the beach, making this wine region one that offers ideal wine-growing conditions.

Alentejo Wine Region: This Portugal-based wine region covers nearly a third of all Portugal, offering visitors a variety of rich and fruity wines.

Lisbon Wine Region: Also known as Estremadura, this wine region offers a variety of wine types and wine qualities.

Algarve Wine Region: Located in southern Portugal, the Algarve Wine Region is considered to be a newer wine region that includes a few small independent wine producers who for the most part offer visitors the best red wine choices.

Tavora e Varosa Wine Region: Lots of culture can be found in this high-altitude wine region that offers a variety of soils that can make for a unique wine selection.

Vinho Verde Wine Region: The largest wine producing region in Portugal, Vinho Verde is located in the northwest region where the weather is cool and the vines are fertile.

Trás-os-Montes Wine Region: Extended summers that bring hot weather mixed with long-lasting winters that bring with it icy cold weather makes this northeast area of Portugal a unique wine region.

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